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About Us

Little Wishing Well was founded by Brisbane mum Madeline, as a business that creates high quality, exclusively designed products that are centred around Positive, Upfliting Affirmations and Mantras.

At Little Wishing Well, our products include a positive affirmation or mantra that you can wear.

This way, you're reminded of it and can draw your attention back to it throughout the day - helping you to feel a little more hopeful, grateful or inspired.

In essence, our products are wearable affirmations.

We have created them for you in the hope that they may easily bring a little positivity into your daily life.

Madeline explains the birth of the brand which came about during the new mum blur..

"The idea for Little Wishing Well came about after the birth of my daughter, Milla. I found that as a sleep deprived, new Mum, I was always looking for easy ways to quickly and effectively pull me back into a positive frame of mind whenever life got a bit hectic and overwhelming – anything that could help me shift my mindset and lift my mood, was invaluable on a day to day basis.

As I grappled with the reality of my post-partum shape, I also noticed scarves were becoming more of a wardrobe staple.. as they provided an instant 'dress-up' for some of the plain, comfort-based outfits I was favouring. Scarves became my stylish go-to that were handy to have on hand as a modesty cover while breastfeeding or a quick shade option over the pram.

One day the thought crossed my mind, that it would be nice to have a beautiful scarf that also had a subtle, uplifting message within it, just for me - each time I wore, touched or looked at it.

It wasn’t until my beautiful Nanny passed away though, that I was really spurred into action.

Two things happened around this time, my Dad generously gave me a portion of my late Grandma’s estate, with the wish that “something special” be done with it – and as I went through the grief of recently losing my Nanny as well, I realised how grateful and lucky I had been to have two such strong, amazing, female influences who loved me throughout my life.

This stirred a desire within me to carry on their legacy, to do MORE myself and create something that I, and in time my daughter, could be proud of.

Little Wishing Well is the result. 

Inspired by two resilient and loving women, Agnes Acutt (below left) and Kathleen Brown (below right), my wish is that Little Wishing Well continues to grow and contribute positively to the lives of as many strong and loving women as possible!”

My Nana, Agnes Acutt My Grandma, Kathleen Brown

Why the name Little Wishing Well?

When you throw a coin into a Wishing Well you state your intention, your desire, your wish.... a Wishing Well is a little bit of fun that can help you to feel hopeful, grateful or inspired. Once the coin hits the water however, it causes ripples! For me, this is the most important part and the whole point behind the designs and the products that we are creating at Little Wishing Well. The goal is to start a positive ripple! I found as a new Mum, if I could re-direct my mood/mindset from negative to even something slightly positive, that positive mindset would then snowball and my day (and my perspective) would completely change for the better.




About the Designer:

Cass Deller is a Sunshine Coast designer, watercolour and lettering artist with a passion for creative, soulful businesses.